Art Garfunkel

Iconic singer and author ART GARFUNKEL will bring his In Close-Up touring show to the Balboa Theatre in San Diego on Friday, April 27. 

ART GARFUNKEL's "In Close-Up" world tour, with guitarist TAB LAVEN and keyboardist DAVE MACKAY, encompasses his solo hits, Simon & Garfunkel songs, cuts from his favorite songwriters--Jimmy Webb, Randy Newman and George Gershwin--and parts of his forthcoming autobiography. Of a recent show, Minneapolis' Twin Cities Arts said, "Garfunkel showed himself to be an artist of note, a singer whose voice can still resonate extraordinary songs and a human being reflecting on the rather unique and intense experiences that make up his life." 

2017 was a banner year for GARFUNKEL, as he toured heavily and released his book, What Is It All But Luminous (Notes From An Underground Man).  Available now, by Alfred A. Knopf, it covers the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member and Diamond-selling singer's eclectic life including early memories growing up in Queens, NY, success with Simon & Garfunkel, his foray into acting in the 1970's and 80's as well as poetic ruminations on love, loss and fatherhood. See more on his book here.

You can dig into ART's website, where he chronicles--in order--every book he has read since 1968 (all 1,246 of them!), his 60 favorite songs of all time, acting credits, poetry and discography:

Blessed with what the New York Times described as a "beautiful countertenor," singer ART GARFUNKEL has made an indelible mark on the music world as both a solo artist and half of the unrivaled Simon & Garfunkel. He has also enjoyed a successful film career, published a book of prose poems and released 12 original solo albums, the most recent being SOME ENCHANTED EVENING. In 2012, he most proudly released his life's body of work, a 2-CD compendium, THE SINGER. Art and his beautiful wife, actress Kathryn Luce Garfunkel, have two sons, 26 year-old Arthur Junior--a magnificent singer in his own right--and 11 year-old Beau Daniel. 

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