With NLE Choppa, Asian Doll, 9lokkNine, Sada Baby, Kiddo Curry

Iconoclastic Los Angeles rapper Blueface became an internet sensation after releasing his song “Respect My Crypn” in 2018.  Since then, he’s made Rolling Stone’s “2019 Artists You Need To Know” list and continues to record songs that are short, surreal and hilarious.  His biggest hits — “Thotiana” (which has been streamed 88 million times on Spotify), “Respect My Crypn” (12 million), “Dead Locs” (8 million) and “Freak Bitch” (5 million) — are all built using the same unorthodox approach. His flow doesn’t fit into the traditional pockets of the beat, most of his songs are under three minutes and his lyrics concern two main topics: gang life and women.

Blueface will be performing at the HEB Center in Cedar Park on August 8, 2019 with special guests NLE Choppa, Asian Doll, 9lokkNine, Sada Baby, and Kiddo Curry.

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