Chad Prather - The Star Spangled Banter Comedy Tour

This show features adult language and content. Mature audience advised.

“Political cowboy” Chad Prather will perform at City National Grove of Anaheim on Friday, April 5.

As an observer of life, pointing out the humor in modern culture, Chad Prather has built a loyal following, sold out theaters with his one-man shows and has been featured on Fox News and CNN, among other major national outlets. He has appeared internationally from Moscow to the Ivory Coast. He may also be one of the most important topical humorists of these turbulent political times, as evidenced by the more than one billion views and counting that he has received on Facebook.

A humanitarian throwing wicked punchlines. A musician whose songs trigger laughter and inspire wisdom. A “modern-day Will Rogers.” A self-confessed lover of slapstick who reflects on the state of the world from the driver’s seat of his truck on social media. A proud Texan and patriotic American whose role models include George Carlin, Robin Williams, and Bill Hicks. A comedian who only rarely has set foot in comedy clubs and yet has made millions laugh on social media, on TV and on theater stages. These are just a few of the attributes that have earned Chad Prather a loyal following throughout and far beyond American shores.

“Ultimately I want to be a unifier,” he insists. “People want to pigeonhole me because I wear cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and I talk with a twang. Half the population believes one way and the other half another way but I think everyone, regardless of political stance, can relate to the things I say. I don’t apologize for that, — actually, I believe I can help heal some of our disagreements. We are, after all, the United States of America. I’m about building up, not tearing down.”

Today, what you see when you watch Prather onstage, in his driver’s-seat soliloquies or on his new website, is exactly who he is. His candor and approachability, his perfect balance between controversy and just plain silliness … it’s all him. Like his spiritual predecessor Will Rogers, he is a storyteller with a knack for speaking truth and wrapping it in humor.

Event Dates

  • Friday, Apr 05 City National Grove of Anaheim