Ramon Ayala

Plus special guest Ramon Ayala Jr.

The King of Accordion, Ramon Ayala y sus Bravos Del Norte will perform in concert at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara on Saturday, October 15.

Ramon Ayala has mastered the artistry of accordionist / vocalist / songwriter for over 50 years. He has defined norteño music with signature songs and definitive instrumental styling that have made him a superstar, virtually inventing modern conjunto music. 

Ramon has won and has been nominated for several Grammy awards. In 2001, Ramon was awarded with an American Grammy award for the album “En Vivo… El Hombre Y Su Musica.” Ramon has also been awarded with two Latin Grammys’ for the songs “Quemame Los Ojos” and “El Numero Cien.” Ramon has been nominated a total of ten times with both markets combined. In 1993, the fifth and current lead singer, Mario Marichalar brought a new style to the band, appealing to a younger generation. Ramon Ayala’s influence on modern music cannot be overstated, as most norteño groups today use their style as their musical foundation to perform their songs. In sum, Ramon is one of the most memorable iconic super stars today.

Ramon Ayala y sus Bravos del Norte include Ramon Ayala, Fidencio Ayala, Jose Luis Ayala, Mario Marichalar, David Laure, y Raul Rosales.

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