The Shins

Plus special guest Day Wave

The Shins will perform live at the Vina Robles Amphitheatre on September 28 in support of their latest release Heartworms (Aural Apothecary/Columbia Records) with special guests, Day Wave opening the show.

Produced by James Mercer, The Shins’ fifth album, Heartworms, was released March 10 to a wave of critical acclaim: Entertainment Weekly called Heartworms the “band’s boldest album yet” and “a rewarding and singular addition to the Shins’ catalog,” Rolling Stone lauded its “home-brewed feel, heavy on Beach Boys grandeur, New Wave kicks, squiggly synth-pop and warm-weather soft rock – with lyrics tenderly balanced between midlife malaise and youthful romanticism. The result is some of the most charming music he’s ever made,” while Time magazine opined “Heartworms works on a grander scale, with ornate sonic tableaux.”

Mercer and crew celebrated the release of Heartworms by launching a competition to win the band’s original touring vehicle, a 1990 Ford 350 Clubwagon which they newly refurbished and in which they gave Stephen Colbert a ride after their Late Show appearance.  

The Shins world tour will include Mercer, who is joined by Yuuki Matthews (bass), Jon Sortland (drums), Mark Watrous (guitar, keys, vocals), Casey Foubert (guitar) and Patti King (keys). 

Event Dates

  • Thursday, Sep 28 Vina Robles Amphitheatre