Francisco Javier Barraza Rodríguez, better known as Pancho Barraza, became involved in Mexican traditional music after moving to Mazatlán and joining Banda San Sebastian and Banda Camino. The singer/songwriter became Los Recoditos' leading singer in 1991, playing along with brothers Miguel, Víctor, and Silvano Sarabia, Poncho Lizarraga, and Enrique Valdez, while writing many of their songs. After a few years, Barraza left Banda Los Recoditos to start a solo career and released his solo debut in 1995 with Mis Canciones De Amor

Now, with an artistic career of more than three decades, “El Poeta del amor” has continued to captivate his audience. This year, the Sinaloan singer-songwriter returns with new music that he will continue to show to his audience, including the singles “Me voy a alejan”, “Morbo” and the most recent “Emociones,” which are part of his next album.

Barraza is currently touring the most emblematic arenas and venues in Mexico and the United States with his presentation tour called “Al Natural”, where he is sometimes accompanied by his children Adrián, Julio and Javier Barraza.

His outstanding career was recognized earlier this year when he was honored with a star on the prestigious Walk of Stars in Las Vegas on the day (January 25) declared as the “Day of “Pancho Barraza”. Also, this year in Las Vegas, he received a tribute for this unique contribution to the Latin band scene during “Band Day” held at the T-Mobile Arena.

Pancho Barraza continues to share his talent and passion for music through his works.