Fortunate Youth


From backyard BBQs in Southern California beach towns to its rise as one of the most popular reggaerock bands in the country, Fortunate Youth remains devoted to its roots and a simple mission: Spreadpeace, love, and unity with music. It’s a mantra of sorts for the multi-faceted sextet from HermosaBeach, driving a relentless thirst for live performances and an ever-evolving cache of original materialdotted with influences of blues, ska, rock, world, soul,and punk.Dedicatedto performing live,theensemble has loggedcountless milesacross the globe,with F.Y. supporting brethren such as SlightlyStoopid, Stick Figure, and SOJA on major tours as well as continuing to headline national treks of theirown; totaling over 27 tours since their inception.And true to their egalitarian ethos of brotherhood,they even swap spots onstage, rotating instruments to best fit the performance.Including theforthcomingalbum,Fortunate Youth has also catalogued over a dozen releases-ten LPs and EPs, studioand live combined, and several singles-since their 2011 debut,Irie State of Mind; notably, all have beenrecorded, produced, and distributed, in DIY style, by the self-invested band. Allhave charted inthe Top5, with three albums hitting #1. Now in 2021, with a fifth studio set and its glistening title track, “GoodTimes (Roll On),” Fortunate Youth turns a slightly nostalgic eye to its humble beginnings in the backyard,plus a few new tasty surprises under the lid. “We’re trying to change the world throughthe music wewrite and play, and the lives we live out performing onstage,” says singer Dan Kelly. “We always hopeour music can change the outlook of anyone’s day.”