Porcupine Tree


One of the most forward-thinking, genre-defying rock bands of any era, Porcupine Tree was founded in 1987 by renowned musician/producer Steven Wilson as an outlet for the experimental recordings he was making outside of his acclaimed post-rock duo, No-Man. With the addition of keyboard player Richard Barbieri and drummer Gavin Harrison, Porcupine Tree soon evolved into a proper band, releasing 10 studio albums between 1992 and 2009. Each new release saw Porcupine Tree exploring new musical ideas, their expansive music shifting from pastoral psychedelic rock and ambient electronic soundscapes to experimental pop and propulsive metal. Later releases like 2007’s GRAMMY® Award-nominated Fear of a Blank Planet and 2009’s The Incident – the band’s biggest seller thus far, reaching the top 25 in both the US and the UK – saw Porcupine Tree effortlessly melding distinctive genres to create a groundbreaking musical universe all their own.


As relentlessly creative on stage as they are in the studio, Porcupine Tree proved innovative live performers known for sonic innovation and inventive visual productions. In October 2010, the band entered a period of hiatus following a spectacular concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall – their biggest live show to date.


The most collaborative album of their highly lauded career, CLOSURE / CONTINUATION doesn’t simply pick up where Porcupine Tree left off back in 2010. While the familiar traits of the band’s idiosyncratic sound remain intact, the new album very much places Porcupine Tree in the here and now, with greater texture and color than ever before.