Which One's Pink?


Founded in 1997 by musician-turned-lawyer Larry Isenberg, Which One's Pink? derives its name from the classic line "the band is just fantastic, that is really what I think, oh by the way, which one's pink?" from Pink Floyd's song Have A CigarWhich One's Pink? has built a large following by word of mouth from its performances at the premier live music venues throughout the southwestern United States.

Unlike many tribute bands, Which One's Pink? makes no effort to appear like their predecessors, instead focusing exclusively on recreating the surrealistic sound and psychedelic atmosphere associated with Pink Floyd. Lead singer and guitarist Paul Samarin eerily reproduces Pink Floyd’s distinctive vocals, and his guitar playing so closely mirrors Gilmour's solos that one swears the band must be running sequenced samples taken from the original recordings. Guitarist Allen Moreno captures the often hypnotic rhythm guitar parts, with Scott Richards (bass and vocals) and Marty Brumer (drums) completing the rock steady rhythm section. Larry Isenberg and Nick Feduska use multiple keyboards to paint the vast auditory canvas from which virtually all of the Floyd’s catalogue gets its distinctive ethereal sound. 


The band played its first show Feb. 1998, at the Roxy in Hollywood. Since then, W1P has performed approximately 500 shows throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas.