Anjelah Johnson-Reyes


Stand-up comedian, actress, author, and San Jose-native Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, continues her WHO DO I THINK I AM? tour into 2023, with a stop at San Jose Civic, Saturday, January 14. Tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster, Friday, October 7, at 10AM.


Audiences may know Anjelah Johnson-Reyes for her viral sketch "Nail Salon" (over 100 million views worldwide), her beloved MadTV character Bon Qui Qui (65million views worldwide), or her TikTok (2.7 million followers), but it's her clean humor and hilarious storytelling that make her one of the most successful stand-up comedians today. 


In her book, WHO DO I THINK I AM?, Anjelah shares hilarious stories about her life, from her irrational fear of death (“Please Don’t Die, Okay?”) to growing up caught between two worlds ("I'm Mexican/Hella American") to her cultural pride (“Chola Wishes & Caviar Dreams”). Tapping into her Mexican roots, she offers a choice of stories that are mild (“Do You & Do You Well”), medium (“I’m Dating You Because I’m Hungry”) and spicy (“I Love Jesus But I Will Punch A ‘Ho”).


The book follows Anjelah’s unlikely journey as she transforms from a suburban kid with Aquanet-drenched hair into a Christian who abstains from drinking and premarital sex, into a mall-famous Raider cheerleader, and then an actually famous comedian traveling the world and meeting people from all-walks of life.


Humor and authenticity allow Anjelah to seamlessly navigate racial identity, finding her place in the world, chasing crazy dreams, and the messiness of an ever-evolving faith journey, all the while searching for belonging and meaning. Through her journey, Anjelah gets closer to discovering her true identity and encourages readers and fans to have the audacity to dream big.


Anjelah’s material for her massive WHO DO I THINK I AM? tour is deeply personal and relatable, reflecting on the changes in her life over the past few years. She also recently appeared on Fox's reality show “The Real Dirty Dancing.”


“A lot has changed since COVID. For the past couple of years, I have evolved, learned, un-learned, started tasks, didn’t finish them, planted, uprooted, did too many TikTok dances, and ate all the bread my friends made.  I can’t wait to share some stories from this past season and connect with old fans and new fans as we have all be on quite the adventure since 2020,” says Johnson-Reyes.


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