Drive-In OC: Gareth Emery presents Laserface

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After his landmark, three sold-out shows in September, Gareth Emery returns to City National Grove of Anaheim’s Drive-In OC with Laserface the Drive-In.  Emery was the first dance music act to play Drive-In shows in California and brings four social-distanced shows to Anaheim on December 17, 18, 19, and 20.  Mark Ettison  has been added as special guest.


World-renowned, Gareth Emery, has been one of dance music’s most exciting musicians, record producers, and DJs over the past decade. The British artist is best known for racking up millions of monthly listeners with his three artist albums - 'Northern Lights', 'Drive' & '100 Reasons To Live' - all iTunes dance no.1 chart-toppers - the most recent hitting the top spot in over 25 countries.


2020 has seen the release of THE LASERS; Emery’s long-awaited fourth artist album, signaling a return to Emery’s band days. Stepping away from the standard DJ route of endless collaborations and songwriters, Emery is proud of writing every song himself. “Making this album felt like being in a band again, not being a DJ” he admits. “It’s without doubt the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Drive-In OC at City National Grove of Anaheim, which has been engineered with safety and wellness top of mind.  For more details about social-distancing guidelines and event details, visit


Event Dates

  • Thursday, Dec 17 City National Grove of Anaheim
  • Friday, Dec 18 City National Grove of Anaheim
  • Saturday, Dec 19 City National Grove of Anaheim
  • Sunday, Dec 20 City National Grove of Anaheim