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2019 was quite the year for acclaimed superstar LP - she headlined a truly global tour, from North and South America, throughout mainland Europe, to Hungary, Turkey, Russia and more - selling out upwards of 6,000 tickets a night. She graced the cover of Elle Magazine Mexico and witnessed Samsung run a nationwide television ad shaped around her "Strange" single, adding to her various moments throughout the year as a top-ranking Shazaamed artist worldwide. Her "Lost On You" single went Diamond in México and the "Girls Go Wild" single was the most played song of the year at Italian radio. This knockout start is lined up to see her biggest year yet in 2020 as she continues to smash charts around the world with well over 1 million Instagram followers, over 4 million Spotify monthly listeners, 1.4 million Spotify followers and nearly 2.5 million Youtube subscribers. Her songs are currently being streamed over 2 million times a day.

Now LP is kicking off 2020 with the official announcement of her largest North American Tour ever. Not only that, but  LP will be also playing at all three South American Lollapaloozas and also has new music on the horizon!

LP is a global sensation - one whose defining characteristic is her exemplary music that displays her diversity of talent and passion. You may be familiar with 2014's "Lost On You" (over 200 million Spotify streams and 300 million YouTube streams) - a palpable gem that blasted open the European market for LP, turning her into a bona fide pop star overseas.


Last summer LP released the "Shaken" Official Fan Video and NYLON gave us an exclusive look at the video, calling it "a cheeky animated music video that pokes fun at the song's heightened drama and perfectly demonstrates all the angst that comes with falling hard for someone."


LP opened up to Ones To Watch on her experience of being gay in the music industry. She also sat down with insta-famous yogi "YogaGirl" on her "Conversations from the Heart" Podcast and talked about the ways she decompresses and how writing music has become her cathartic release.

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