Robin Trower

Plus special guest Katy Guillen

Legendary British blues rock guitar statesman Robin Trower will return to City National Grove of Anaheim on Friday, May 3.

Trower approaches his finest hour with Time and Emotion, his latest tuneset. Trower's evocative note bends and signature tone along with his powerful lead vocals totally bring it. There are plenty of tightly knitted bass lines and drum grooves supporting Trower’s gut lifting sound to titillate the listener’s ear. It is unadulterated combustion of rock, blues and soul, lots of what Strat-fans crave from this unique artist.

Track highlights include “The Land of Plenty,” “I'm Gone,” “Bitten by the Snake,” “If You Believe in Me,” “You're the One” and the title track “Time and Emotion.”

Catch Robin live on the upcoming US 2019 tour. Watch while a master re-envisions tunes known and new. Listen as songs from the new CD transmogrify in live performance. Don’t miss it.

Event Dates

  • Friday, May 03 City National Grove of Anaheim