Sleeping Beauty Dreams

Sleeping Beauty Dreams makes its San Jose Center for the Performing Arts debut on April 19. 


Sleeping Beauty Dreams explores the age-old fable of Sleeping Beauty and for the first time, reveals what the Princess dreamt about during her 100-year slumber. The story is told through a contemporary dance performance by world renowned prima ballerinas, influenced by music originally scored by an electronic musician, and enhanced through larger-than-life demons and angels designed by a popular artist. It all comes together via state-of-the-art technology from costumes tagged with motion sensors to gigantic screens and real-time digital art projections, thanks to the slew of bold face industry names who have collaborated to make this massive production possible. The music behind the performance was composed by electronic music pioneer Thijs de Vlieger from famed EDM group NOISIA, who have worked with household names such as Skrillex and deadmau5. Tobias Gremmler, who recently work with Bjork on her latest NYC show, created the digitally projected demons and angels which mimic the Princess’ every move. The world knows the story of Sleeping Beauty, but they have never been told the story of her dreams or nightmares. Drift away with us as we dive into uncharted realms to discover her passions, temptations and sinful desires. For mature audiences only.

Event Dates

  • Sunday, Apr 19 Center For The Performing Arts