Durango Fest 2023


Durango Fest 2023, featuring artists Montez de Durango, Alacranes Musical, K Paz de la Sierra, Patrulla 81 and Diana Reyes, is set for San Jose Civic, Friday, September 15. Tickets are available via Ticketmaster, Friday, May 19, at 10AM.

The Durango Fest lineup includes artists specialize in the Duranguense genre. Seven-member group Montez de Durango was founded by José Luis Terrazas in 1996 and very quickly came to be considered global representatives of the genre. Alacranes Musical, K Pas de la Sierra, like Montez de Durango are currently based out of Aurora, Illinois. Patrulla 81 are originally from the state of Durango and are known for their hit Cómo Pude Enamorarme de Ti. And Diana Reyes has released three gold records since 2004: La Reina del Pasito Duranguense, Las No. 1 de la Reina, and Te Voy a Mostra. All together this lineup promises an incredible evening of Duranguense music.

Event Dates