Los Alegres Del Barranco


Sinaloan group Los Alegres Del Barranco, who began their musical journey more than a decade ago, are set to perform at San Jose Civic, Saturday, October 5. Tickets are on sale via Ticketmaster Friday, May 3, at 10AM.



Originating from Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Los Alegres Del Barranco have risen to international acclaim. Established in 2005 by Armando Moreno, José Carlos Moreno and Cristóbal Reyes, Los Alegres Del Barranco very quickly gained attention for their talent and dedication. Their public debut at a quniceañera marked the beginning of a remarkable trajectory in the music industry.


The group’s inaugural album Morenita De Ojos Negros, in 2008 was the first in a string of hits. Tracks like “El Panal” and “Hasta Naranjas Vendía” endeared them to Mexican audiences and earned international recognition. Through the years, the group has released an impressive discography – from “Con Toloche” and “Corridos Pa’ La Clika” to “Me Dan Celos” and “Yo Te Advertí,” Los Alegres Del Barranco has showcased their immense talents and versatility. Iconic songs like “La Gente del Chapo,” “El Encierro de Joaquín,” and “El Costal Lleno de Piedras,” have secured their status as northern regional genre pillars.


The group is comprised of Armando Moreno on vocals, and sixth bass, José Moreno on accordion and vocals, José Carlos Moreno on bass, and Cristóbal Reyes on drums. They continue to scale new heights with releases such as “Cruzando Fronteras” and “Puras Viejitas pa’ Pistear,” solidifying their status as beloved icons in the northern regional music scene.

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