The Psychology of Serial Killers and Why They Captivate Us

The Psychology of Serial Killers and Why They Captivate Us, hosted by Dr. Rachel Toles, renowned Clinical Psychologist and criminal expert, is coming to City National Grove of Anaheim, February 24, 2024. Join for chilling insights into these deviant minds and the truth behind the headlines.


This event is for ages 13+ and will include subject matter and images that some may patrons may find disturbing.


‘The Psychology of Serial Killers’ gives even the most dedicated true crime fan new insights to the phenomenon of serial homicide.  


The talk will address the following:


  1. A detailed psychological exploration as to why we (the general public) are obsessed with serial killers – is it an unconscious self-protective measure or morbid curiosity? Why do we desire to get inside the minds of dangerous people?
  2. Defining what IS a serial killer, and what MAKES them a serial killer, what motivates them? Lust? Power? Financial Gain? Anger?
  3. A detailed dive and discussion into the different types of serial killers - Hedonistic (Jeffrey Dahmer), Power/Control (Ted Bundy) Mission-Orientated (Joseph Franklin/Dexter) and Visionary Killers (David Berkowitz)
  4. Exploration of the actual neurological brain activity and psychology behind those who desire to kill multiple times
  5. Who are the people that fall in love with serial killers and why?
  6. The big question: “How do we defend ourselves against a serial killer?”
  7. The entire evening has a slick video and photo package using stock and archival material from news sources and law enforcement
  8. The show has detailed facts, scientific behavior analysis data etc. 
  9. The show has a slight dark humor to it


Please be advised that no crime scene photos are used in any of talks.  

Event Dates

  • Saturday, Feb 24 City National Grove of Anaheim