About P.A.S.S

Premier Access Season Subscription (P.A.S.S.) is Nederlander Concerts’ concert subscription program.  

The P.A.S.S. program includes no membership fees or forced combination of shows and offers , priority seating, and advance notice of upcoming shows.

Contact Us

For issues related to P.A.S.S., email: boxoffice@NederlanderConcertsPASS.com


What are the benefits of being Premier Access Season Subscription (P.A.S.S.) member?

As a P.A.S.S. member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Members will have access to tickets set aside specifically for P.A.S.S. members to purchase for shows presented by Nederlander Concerts throughout Southern California.

  • There are no membership fees.

If I’m not a member, can I join?

P.A.S.S. is not currently enrolling new members.

How long does my membership last?

Nederlander Concerts is extending your membership for our events through the next calendar year.

Do I keep my P.A.S.S. member status?

Yes. Seats will be filled according to your current enrollment level, which is determined by the number of years you have been a member and the number of shows you purchased at the 2015 season launch.

Do I have access to all events at the Greek Theatre?

Your membership extends to the events produced by Nederlander Concerts. We cannot accommodate access to events produced by other parties.

Can I pre-purchase unstacked parking at the Greek Theatre?

Nederlander Concerts is not able to extend this benefit at this time.

Event info

Ticket orders in excess of 4 tickets may be split.

Tickets are subject to availability. If tickets are no longer available at the price you have indicated, tickets at a lower price will be substituted and you will be refunded the difference.

Payment will be applied before seats are assigned. Every patron needs a ticket for admittance to the show.

Artists/dates/times are subject to change without notice.

All tickets will be sent via mobile delivery.