INTOCABLE, one of the most iconic and award-winning musical institutions in Latin music, announced today that their 2023 U.S. EVOLUCIÓN tour will include a stop at San Jose Civic, Friday, September 29. Tickets are available via Ticketmaster, Friday, June 9, at 10AM.



During 2022, INTOCABLE managed to position themselves with their current single “Un Poquito Tuyo,” at No. 1 on Billboard, Monitor Latino, Scanner and Media Base, in the same way with the success of “If it hurts, it hurts,” making history with two issues in the same year. Tickets for last year’s “Modus Operandi” tour were sold out in 31 cities. Their first single of 2023 was released March 20.

Nearly four years after the release of the album Perception, INTOCABLE dedicated themselves to getting and making one of their most emblematic productions, managing to capture the joy of music-making over the last 28 years. “Take time to look for topics, tailor them to the group with stories that have an impact on life and leave a message that can be heard at different times and leave a less that represents us with pride.”

The new album, Modus Operandi, was recorded at the iconic Sonic Ranch recording studio in Texas.

INTOCABLE’s 2023 U.S. EVOLUCIÓN tour kicked off May 26 in Seattle and includes more than 40 confirmed dates through November.

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