Mojados de La Risa

Featuring Teo Gonzalez, Jorge Falcon

Mojados de La Risa, featuring comedians Teo Gonzalez and Jorge Falcon will perform on September 19 at the San Jose Civic. 


Teo González known as the “The comedian with the ponytail,” is a popular Mexican stand-up comedian who has performed in theaters, auditoriums, and Palenques (Mexican fairs); on radio and television worldwide. He is considered by many the best family comedian. He has participated is marquee events such as EL BLABLAZO, DESPIERTA AMÉRICA, SABADO GIGANTE, DON FRANCISCO PRESENTA, and PEDRO SEVCEC broadcast by Univision nationwide. He also participated as host of the program ESTO ES GUERRA on Estrella TV and NOCHES CON PLATANITO. He also headlined HUMOR ES LOS COMEDIANTES, FESTIVAL DEL HUMOR, LA CASA DE LA RISA, FABRICA DE RISAS, HOY, MIEMBROS AL AIRE, NETAS DIVINAS, ES DE NOCHE Y YA LLEGUÉ y GUERRA DE CHISTES, CERO EN CONDUCTA, ME CAIGO DE RISA, broadcast by Televisa nationwide.


Jo Jo Jorge Falcon, known to his fans as “El Comediante de las Mil Caras,” is a Mexican comedian whose career spans several decades. Though better known for his standup performances and television appearances, Falcon has also released numerous comedy albums, including the multi-volume “El Super Show Comico con Clasificacion Z” and “Los Mejores 99 Chistes” series.


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