The celebration for the 30 years has already begun! Following their CDMX presentations, OV7 will come to Northern California’s San Jose Civic, Friday, December 2. Tickets go on sale Friday, June 10, at 10AM local via Ticketmaster.

OV7 members are beyond excited to start this great tour, and the fans are even
more so. The ongoing celebrations bring together the best of pop from this enduring group. Despite their more than 30 years of experience, the group’s relevance remains, and songs such as “Qué Triste es el Primer Adiós,” “Enloquéceme,” “Te Quiero Tanto,” “Te Necesito,” “Shabadabada,” among others, have been the soundtrack in the lives of millions of fans.

This concert is a co-promotion between Seitrack US and Nederlander Concerts.
Don’t miss out on this long-awaited celebration for the band and the fans!

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